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National Review of Medicine

Who should have the final say on end-of-life cases when doctors and families disagree?
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End-of-life war outlives Golubchuk

The Interview
Stephen Lewis gives no quarter

Policy polyglot Stephen Lewis has an impressive resumé: former Ontario NDP opposition leader, chair of the first International Committee on Climate Change, ex-UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, founder of two international aid organizations -- the list goes on. Despite having flunked out of university, he's now a professor of global health at McMaster. Mr Lewis spoke to NRM before his trip to Mexico City next month for the 2008 International AIDS Conference.
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Stephen Lewis gives no quarter
NRM’s Q&A with the international AIDS activist

End-of-life war outlives Golubchuk
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Practice Management
Advanced Access flaws uncovered
New study questions ballyhooed system, urges caution

Across Canada
Clay dildos teach safe sex, ATVs for kids’ health (!), and more


Ontario and Quebec get new health ministers
Twin cabinet shakeups leave doctors uncertain about new directions

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Could my Dirty Harry routine land me a lawsuit?

Advances in Medicine
Bacterial by-product wards off colitis
When sugar molecule missing, along comes IBD. The gut demystified

The gadget guide
Nintendo’s new exercise video game, and more

Physician Life
Sharing circles prevent physician burnout
So why are there so few Balint groups in Canada?
WEB EXTRA: "A special kind of listening"
Longtime Balint group members share their stories

Personal Finance
Sick of being gouged by bank fees?
Beat the banks at their own game with these simple strategies

OPINION: Unbiased drug review under threat in BC
EDITORIAL CARTOON: “Furious” George Smitherman's colourful run as Ontario's health minister comes to an end
LETTERS: David Suzuki is “obnoxious and arrogant,” and more




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