Does the College have a right to know about your health problems, like addictions and HIV status? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll April 2008, Vol 5, No 4)
30% YES . Public safety trumps individual rights — even those of physicians.
70% NO. Private information is called ‘private’ for a reason.
Would you pay patients to lose weight? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll March 2008, Vol 5, No 3)
28% YES. Money will give them an extra push to shed the pounds fast.
72% NO. Patients are obese for medical reasons; paying them won't change anything.
Should it be mandatory for physicians to report patients with gunshot and stab wounds? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll January 15, 2008, Vol 5, No 1)
76% YES. It helps police curb violence.
24% NO. It scares patients away from seeking treatment.
Is medical slang CTD (circling the drain)? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll December 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 20)

YES. It's childish and inappropriate

24% NO. It's a healthy way to blow off steam
When the FDA sneezes, Health Canada gets a cold. Should Health Canada be more proactive? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll October 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 18 )
31% YES. Mimicking US regulatory decisions isn’t terribly useful.
69% NO. There’s nothing wrong with taking cues from other agencies.
Do we need tighter regulations on cosmetic surgery? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll October 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 17)
87% YES. Licensing is the only way to control standards.
13% NO. This is just a turf war being waged by plastic surgeons.
Should airlines pay doctors for treating patients on board flights? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll September 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 16)
56% YES. The doc’s saving the airline a lot of hassle and money.
44% NO. You can’t put a price on a doctor’s duty to help in a crisis.
Would you reveal a fetus’ gender if you suspect your patient would abort based on the sex? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll September 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 15)
15% YES. Patient autonomy is of the utmost importance.
85% NO. Physicians must speak out against discrimination.
Is the rush to give the HPV vaccine to Canadian schoolgirls a mistake? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll August 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 14)
33% YES. There are still too many unanswered questions.
67% NO. We musn’t wait if we can prevent cervical cancer.
Are you sickened by SiCKO’s rosy portrayal of Canadian Healthcare? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll July 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 13)
64% YES. The film glosses over our system’s flaws.
36% NO. The film proves we’re doing this right.
Would you prescribe DCA to desperate cancer patients to stop them self-medicating? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll June 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 12)
32% YES. At least they'll be followed by a doc.
68% NO. It's unconscionable to use an untried Rx.
Are you ready to take the same-day booking, or Advanced Access, plunge? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll June 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 11)
22% YES, maybe it can cure my aching backlog.
68% NO. my current scheduling system is just fine, thank you.
10% I'm already using it
If you could, would you see patients outside the public system for extra cash? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll May 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 10)
28% YES, as long I didn’t have to reduce my public patient loads.
72% NO, I’m busy enough as it is.
With the Canadian physician shortage dire as ever, should punishments be relaxed for doctors’ sexual slip-ups? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll May 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 9)
14% YES. A small reprimand would suffice for most minor offenses.
86% NO. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
Do you use electronic medical records in your practice? (Source: NRM Physicians’ Poll April 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 8)
29% YES, and I love it
4% YES, but I regret it
21% NO, but I’m planning on it
46% NO, in paper I trust
With the looming threat of an XDR-TB pandemic, should it be made easier to throw nocompliant TB patients in jail? (Source: NRM physicians, survey April 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 7)
43% YES . Public safety must trump individual rights
57% NO. We mustn’t use these powers lightly -- they should be for only the most extreme cases
Do you think pay-for-performance is a good way of remunerating physicians? (Source: NRM physicians, survey March. 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 6)


YES. Better doctors get better pay.
62% NO. Bureaucrats can't be trusted to judge an MD's work.
Would you prescribe a video game that requires physical activity (like the Nintendo Wii or Dance, Dance Revolution) to an overweight young patient? (Source: NRM physicians, survey March. 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 5)
66% YES
34% NO
Does Canada need stricter standards on who can perform colonoscopies? (Source: NRM physicians, survey Feb. 28, 2007, Vol 4, No 4)
47% YES
53% NO
Quebec wants to place much more of the responsibility for mentally ill patients in the hands of GPs. Is this a step in the right direction? (Source: NRM physicians, survey Feb.15, 2007, Vol 4, No 3)
27% YES
73% NO
Would you call the main facility where you practice “environmentally friendly?” (Source: NRM physicians, survey Jan. 30, 2007, Vol 4, No 2)
49% YES
51% NO
What do you think of doctors doing aesthetics (laser hair removal, Botox, etc) on the side? (Source: NRM physicians, survey Jan. 15, 2007, Vol 4, No 1)
8% I think it’s great, in fact I do it myself.
9% Very intriguing, I’d like to find out more.
57% I’ve nothing against it, but it’s not for me.
26% We’re clinicians not beauticians.
Our hospitals are overrun with superbugs. Do you think your fellow physicians are washing their hands often enough to help prevent the spread of infections?(Source: NRM physicians, survey Dec. 15-30, 2006, Vol 3, No 18)
20% YES
80% NO
Do you think Quebec’s specialists are right to refuse to perform unpaid duties like teaching while they’re in a pay dispute with the government?(Source: NRM physicians, survey Nov. 15-30, 2006, Vol 3, No 17)
65% YES. Vive la resistance!
35% NO. This sort of action misses the mark and causes problems for residents and patients.
Should hospitals be permitted to let private companies run their emergency departments? (Source: NRM physicians survey Oct. 15-30, 2006, Vol 3, No 16)
49% YES.
51% NO.
Do you support the CMA electorate’s choice of private clinic owner Dr Brian Day? (Source: NRM physicians survey Sept. 15, 2006, Vol 3, No 15)
71% YES.
29% NO.
Vancouver’s safe-injection site has been credited with reducing needle-sharing, yet its licence is set to expire on September 12. What should the federal government do? (Source: NRM physicians survey August 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 14)
76% Renew the licence. Harm-reduction saves lives.
24% Close the site. It legitimizes unhealthy, criminal activity.
Do you think it’s safe to use the pill to suppress menstruation? (Source: NRM physicians survey July 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 13)
82% YES. Ob/gyns have used contraceptives off-label to prevent painful periods for years.
18% NO. We need far more longterm data before we can accurately assess just how
risky it is.
Beginning in September, Alberta pharmacists will get the power to write scripts. What’s your take? (Source: NRM physicians survey June 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 12)
63% I don’t think a pharmacist is qualified to renew scripts.
30% I think it would be ok if they were only doing refills, but prescribing is going too far.
7% I think it’s a great idea — less work for us doctors.
Do you think Senator Kirby’s nickel-a-drink mental health tax is a good idea?
(Source: NRM physicians survey June 15, 2006, Vol 3, No 11)
49% YES. It’s a great way to fund improvements to mental health services.
51% NO. Canadians are over-taxed as it is — the feds need to loosen their purse strings to foot the bill.
Do you think we need better monitoring of physicians’ off-label prescribing habits? (Source: NRM physicians survey May 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 10)
34% YES. Better monitoring would help us know for sure what works and what doesn’t.
66% NO. More monitoring would tie physicians’ hands and slow medical progress.
Do you think it makes sense to have coast-to-coast standards for MD revalidation? (Source: NRM physicians survey May 15, 2006, Vol 3, No 9)
64% YES. It will help to ensure that every Canadian physician works to the same high standards.
36% NO. If we must go down this road, it should be spearheaded by the provincial colleges.
Do you like the sounds of the Massachusetts car insurance-style healthcare scheme? (Source: NRM physicians survey April 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 8)
13% YES. I think well-to-do Canadians should be obliged to buy their own health insurance too.
87% NO. I think the scheme is good for big insurance companies, not doctors and patients.
What do you think about chronic fatigue syndrome? (Source: NRM physicians survey April 15, 2006, Vol 3, No 7)
67% I think there’s strong evidence that it’s a legitimate disease caused by immune deficiency.
33% It’s a fad. “Sufferers” are either hypochondriacs or just angling for a doctor’s note.
Should military doctors’ obligation to uphold the Hippocratic oath trump their duty to serve the country? (Source: NRM physicians survey March 30, 2006, Vol 3, No 6)
88% YES. They’re doctors first, medical ethics know no flags.
12% NO. They’re soldiers first and thus must follow orders.
Do you think the other provinces should follow Alberta’s lead and allow doctors to work in both public and private settings? (Source: NRM physicians survey March 15, 2006, Vol 3 No 5)
70% YES. This is supposed to be a free country - physicians shouldn’t be forced to opt out in order to take on private work.
30% NO. If this is allowed, physician shortages in the public system will end up in worse shape than they already are.
The SOGC says hormone therapy’s safe for menopause symptoms and osteoporosis — will you offer it to your patients? (Source: NRM physicians survey February 28, 2006, Vol 3 No 4)
71% YES. For most women, HT’s benefits outweigh the risks — and it will improve QOL.
29% NO. We simply don’t yet know enough about the risks.
What do you tell your patients about the Pill and weight gain? (Source: NRM physicians survey February 15, 2006, Vol 3 No 3)
23% There’s a strong chance that you’ll gain weight
77% There’s no evidence that the Pill causes weight gain
Would you consider not turning up for work if there's a flu pandemic? (Source: NRM physicians survey January 30, 2006, Vol 3 No 2)
37% YES. Without a clear compensation package for doctors it's not worth the risk.
63% NO. As a physician, I have a duty to the public first.
Do you think penicillin's hey-day is over? (Source: NRM physicians survey January 15, 2006, Vol 3 No 1)
18% YES. Cephalosporins are more effective and convenient.
82% NO. Penicillin still gets the job done. Newer antibiotics should be used with caution to prevent the emergence of resistant strains.

Do you think it's warranted to lower the standard of care for patients who smoke? (Source: NRM physicians survey December 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 21)

14% YES, patients who smoke are aware of the health risks and should have to deal with the consequences.
86% NO, all patients deserve the same care, regardless of their addictions.
Is metabolic hormone research the way to go to tackle Canada’s weight problem? (Source: NRM physicians survey November 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 20)
35% YES. Public health campaigns clearly aren’t working
65% NO. Obesity is a social – not a biological - issue
Would you 'fire' patients who refused vaccines? (Source: NRM physicians survey November 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 19)
3% YES. There's no point continuing if we don't share the same goals
97% NO. I have to respect their right to refuse — but I would try to dissuade them
Would vaccinating young girls against HPV encourage them to become sexually active? (Source: NRM physicians survey October 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 18)
1% YES. It's tantamount to telling them it's ok to have sex.


NO. Vaccines don't make kids have sex. It's a lack of education that's the problem.
53% It doesn't matter. This is not a moral issue, it's about protecting women from cervical cancer.
Are Canadian hospitals doing enough to protect patients against superbugs like C. difficile? (Source: NRM physicians survey October 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 17)
27% YES, Microbes will always survive, no matter what we throw at them.
37% NO. The outbreaks prove our hospitals are in dire need of a cleanup.
40% It's hard to say. No one really know where these new strains will take us.
With yet another warning from experts about the migration of the avian flu, are we becoming desensitized to the threat? (Source: NRM physicians survey September 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 16)
26% Crying wolf is just causing vaccine hoarding
37% The sky (and the odd dead seagull) really is falling
36% It doesn't matter. We simply can't guard against all possible strains
Should government provide pensions to fee-for-service physicians: (Source: NRM physicians survey September 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 15)
78% It would take a huge worry off and help doctors in Canada
22% Unless a physician is on salary, pensions don't make sense
I think the July Phenomenon: (Source: NRM physicians survey August 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 14)
50% Is a reality — it stands to reason greenhorns will make more mistakes
27% Doesn’t exist — safeguards prevent it
23% Just scares residents into being more careful
Should physicians be able to profit from imaging referrals? (Source: NRM physicians survey July 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 13)
64% NO. It inevitably leads to conflicts of interest
21% YES. But only if they have no financial stake in the imaging clinic
15% Yes. It's a free country

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