The National Review of Medicine scours the world to offer Canadian physicians an overview of the hottest and most relevant medical issues presented in a pithy, punchy style that informs and entertains.
Established in 2004 by Parkhurst Publishing Ltd.

Parkhurst is a medical publishing house based in Montreal, Canada. It provides a wide range of medical media journals and educational communications to physicians and their patients.

Since 1983, Parkhurst has been building and developing strong relationships
with Canada’s top physicians in many disciplines. Its successful and prestigious publications include two of Canada’s leading physician monthly journals, Doctor’s Review, Parkhurst Exchange and National Review of Medicine.

About our standards: Parkhurst is committed to one simple standard: editorial excellence. This translates into credible, highly respected medical education materials for physicians and patients alike.

Physician Publications

Doctor’s Review Monthly travel and lifestyle journal

Parkhurst Exchange Monthly GP/FP journal; independent specialist editorial board;
content reviewed and approved by the Medical Editor in Chief, Dr. Steven Blitzer
National Review of Medicine Biweekly newspaper featuring in-depth coverage of international clinical news, health policy and practice management.
Oncology Exchange Quarterly cancer healthcare professional journal; independent
editorial board and expert panel co- edited by Drs. Jean Maroun and Barry Bultz
Innovations in Breast Cancer Care A new quarterly publication for dialogue on evidence-based current and emerging trends in diagnosis and treatment, along with practical management tools. Reviewed and approved by an Editorial Board under the Editor in Chief, Dr. Shalendra Verma. (Sponsor: AstraZeneca)
Osteoporosis Update Quarterly official newsletter of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada: developed under the direction of the OSC�s Scientific Advisory Board

The Aging Brain Quarterly: developed under the direction of an Editorial Review Board consisting of Drs Yves Bacher, David Hogan, Guy Lacombe and Christopher Patterson (Sponsor: Pfizer Canada)

Neuro/Transmission 3x yearly neurology journal in multiple sclerosis; independent Editorial Board of leading specialists, headed by Dr. Pierre Duquette (Sponsor: Biogen Canada)
International Abstracts Series: various specialties, including Alzheimer and Transplantation; under the direction of independent Editorial Boards



Compass: Navigating life with
multiple sclerosis
Developed under
the direction of the Editorial Board
of Neuro/Transmission (above)

Our Voice: Living with prostate
cancer in Canada
Developed with
and reviewed by members of the
Canadian Prostate Health Council
(a division of the Canadian Urological Association); endorsed by the Council
Optimale: The magazine for men’s
sexual health
Developed with and
reviewed by the Canadian Male
Sexual Health Council (a division of
the Canadian Urological Association); endorsed by the Council
In Stride: Breast cancer &
the road to recovery
and approved by Editor in Chief
Dr. Maureen Trudeau
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