A scarf for paranoid schizophrenia

"A piece of metal in my eye”

Abdominal mass in a five-year-old

Brain tumour

Breastfeeding?...fundal height

Buzzing in the head

Contusion on his lower lip

Convinced she's pregnant

Cyanotic 10-year-old?

Diagnosis: epiglottitis

Doc impresses son

Ear wax blocking a canal

Female resident fails to faint: boils or...?

Functioning tracheostomy

Hangover cure

Hurry up and fill my prescription

Intense red rash

Irritated umbilicus

Larvae bumps

Linguistic fray

Lump in the breast & hemorrhoids

Manic episode

Mother diagnosis: polymyalgia rheumatica

“My wife is worried about his cradle ‘crap’!”

Need birth control pill

New use for birth control pills

New Year's operation

Panic attack

Pap smear by candlelight

Pap smear: "...earth moved"

Patient problems: No wonder they didn’t get better!

Post-op, missing parts: "Don’t worry, sir

Prescription for advanced osteoarthritis

Rectal pain

Respiratory distress, need oxygen

Ringing in his ears

Sample required: "No problem, doc

Schizophrenia and fever

Seven year old Tourette's patient

Shivering with a temperature of 40 degrees

Shopping cart injury

Skin tags removed from groin

Strange pounding in her upper abdomen

Teaching osteoporosis' patients

They’ll never suspect Ascaris suis

...twins were delivered by Buffalo

Ulcers and maggots

Urine sample

Ventricular quadrant pain

Why the condoms?

“Will this Alzheimer's drug affect my mind?”