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  Poll shown: What should be done to tackle AIDS among aboriginal Canadians? (NRM physicians survey June 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 11)
The best way to curb childhood obesity is: (NRM physicians survey May 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 10)
Who should have access to medical marijuana? (NRM physicians survey May 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 9)
How do you think physicians who've suffered an addiction relapse should be handled? (NRM physicians survey April 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 8)
I think medical reality shows are: (NRM physicians survey April 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 7)
I think handing out pre-emptive STI antibiotics to sexual partners of infected patients is: (NRM physicians survey Mar 30, 2005, Vol 2 No 6)
How should cases of physician sexual misconduct be handled? (NRM physicians survey Mar 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 5)
How should current bottlenecks in followup care be handled (NRM physicians survey Feb 28, 2005, Vol 2 No 4)
What do you think about the way the CFPC evaluates practice-eligible physicians? (NRM physicians survey Feb 15, 2005, Vol 2 No 3)
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